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Nokia Announces New Collaboration With Microsoft

Microsoft Nokia

According to all previous experiences, Microsoft and Nokia are not particularly well-suited partners. Nevertheless, the companies want to know again and have now announced a new, extensive collaboration.

However, this time it is not about products for individual end-users. Nokia has left this business for some time now and this segment has long played a certain secondary role at Microsoft. Instead, the cooperation relates to offers for large business customers and is intended to combine the most important technologies of both groups.

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On the Microsoft side, the focus here is of course on the rapidly growing Azure cloud. The Redmond-based software group has been in a fierce race for market leadership with the trading company Amazon for some time. With regard to the range of offers and the development of further target groups, it is an advantage to have Nokia onboard.

Wireless connection to Azure

In the future, the Finnish network supplier will use the Azure cloud as the infrastructure behind various offers for local cellular systems. Especially in the 5G much value known as the use of campus networks is placed – these are small, geographically quite limited radio cells that enable, for example at a business location data connections in the gigabit range or numerous IoT systems in the industry together network.

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In addition to the on-site radio systems, data infrastructure is of course required in the background and since Microsoft’s cloud services already have a place in many companies, the cooperation mentioned makes sense here. However, the collaboration is not designed to be exclusive, so that other cloud providers could also dock on Nokia’s systems. With its strong presence in the enterprise sector, Microsoft ultimately plays an outstanding role here.