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Nokia inks patent licensing agreement with Huawei

Nokia, once a market leader in cellphone industry has now been struggling with its smartphone sales, the company has launched several smartphone models which were quite competitive in the market but nothing worked well for the company. If you remember Nokia Lumia series which was considered a great product line but choosing the wrong operating system lead to disaster.

Now Nokia phones are running on Android but the company’s smartphones future is still shady. However, the Finnish group has started boosting its core telecom capabilities in the face of doubt.

This year, in July Xiaomi, has also signed a patent licensing agreement with Nokia and now Huawei confirms the patent licensing deal with the company. According to Financial Times, “Nokia has signed a multiyear patent agreement with Huawei on Thursday but did not disclose any financial and other details.”

Nokia has successfully built a valuable patent portfolio during the decades as a market leader in the mobile industry which includes technology related to mobile signals, battery life, and voice recognition.

Chief Legal Officer at Nokia Maria Varsellona said: “We welcome Huawei to become our patented Licensee family member, Huawei is one of the largest companies in China and leading smartphone manufacturer globally, this agreement should be signed sooner or later.”

Chinese Apple was the first company to ink an agreement with Nokia in China, However, Samsung, Apple, and other smartphones have made similar agreements before this.