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nOS New Mini Operating System For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch can also be turned into a kind of useful everyday tablet with little effort thanks to a new third-party app. The package called “nOS” provides a kind of small operating system, including multitasking and a number of its own mini-programs.

The nOS: New Operating System for the Nintendo Switch comes from the company RedDeerGames and has been available for download from the official Nintendo eShop since the weekend. Basically, the developers are delivering a package of useful tools that Nintendo has foregone in favor of a more gaming-centric Switch.

Apps make the Switch an everyday tablet

nOS mini-apps include a calculator, image gallery, notebook, to-do list feature, sort of little MS Paint, puzzle game, and customizable settings. The handling of the small programs takes place under Android, Windows, or Linux with the help of several small windows, which can also be opened in parallel to enable simple multitasking.

Admittedly, the range of functions is still limited, since a browser or other advanced applications are missing, among other things. Nevertheless, the tools could be useful for some users, for example, to take notes. RedDeerGames is currently selling its “New Operating System” for EUR 1.99, although the normal price will later be a whopping EUR 40.

It remains to be seen whether the developers are planning further additions that will significantly expand the range of functions of nOS. In general, Nintendo should also keep an eye on which features are planned for the alternative interface, after all, the company has traditionally set a narrow framework in terms of the range of functions of software for its consoles.