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Notepad Text Editor App Comes Back To Microsoft Store

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The text editor Notepad has been the easiest way for Windows users to edit text files for decades. So far, the tool was linked to the operating system. Last year Microsoft announced that it would outsource the program and offer it in the store.

In August the Redmond company has the application was made available in the Microsoft Store for the first time. Only a short time later, the Notepad app was removed. No reason was given for this. At the beginning of 2020, it became known that the Windows 10 editor could be uninstalled and downloaded from the store in the future.

The pre-installed app is not replaced

Now the application known here under the name “Editor” can actually be obtained from the store again. The Notepad app has been equipped with a new icon based on the Fluent design. The pre-installed text editor is not replaced by the download. If you download the Notepad app from the store, you currently have twice the application on your own computer. As of Windows 10 version 20H1, the editor is no longer a supplied system component, so making it available in the store makes sense. It is also possible to remove the editor using the optional features.

In addition to the new icon, the Notepad app published in the store brings with it a number of small improvements. For example, the function for searching and replacing text snippets has been expanded to include an option for dealing with line breaks. In addition, the dialog window now remembers the entries made previously. It is now easier to change the zoom. If the line break is activated, it is shown in which row and column the user is currently. If you don’t need the feature, you can deactivate the ad.

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