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Now you can bookmark your favorite tweets—Twitter bookmark feature


Twitter introduces a new bookmark feature on its platform, the feature will let users bookmark their favorite tweets, the social media company was testing this feature earlier on iOS and now the company has officially announced to roll it out.

The bookmarking feature is now available in Direct Message sharing button, Twitter has redesigned the button to let users send the tweet via Direct Message, it can also add the tweets to bookmarks or share the tweets via other apps on the phone.

If you add a tweet using this shortcut, it also copied to the bookmarks folder, you can access the bookmarks folder from the side menu from both Android and iOS. Once you opened your bookmark folder, you would be able to see the bookmarked tweets in reverse chronological order. However, this feature is a bit different from the “Like” feature, liked tweets are organized in the order they were tweeted or the time of the tweet, and not in the order they were liked.

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The bookmark feature puts tweets in an order as they were bookmarked. The bookmarks also get synced across devices which mean if you are using twitter on multiple devices you can easily access all your bookmarks across the devices. However, Twitter is currently not supporting sync function for drafts.

The bookmark feature is available on Android and iOS apps, Twitter mobile site as well as Twitter Lite app for Android. However, the feature is not available on desktop, it might take some time to desktop roll out.