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Now You Can Watch TikTok Videos on Some American Airlines’ Flights

American Airlines is now letting passengers watch up to 30-minutes of TikTok videos.

American Airlines

TikTok is reaching the masses with new marketing strategies. The most recent act came out when some American Airlines’ flights announced 30-minutes of free TikTok videos for the passengers.

A day earlier, we shared news about YouTube Shorts’ plan to spread $10,000 a month to YouTube creators. The company took the action to compete with TikTok. And today, we are hearing this news about TikTok.

According to a press release, some American Airlines’ flights will allow passengers to use TikTok for up to 30 minutes during the flight. The airline will let passengers download the app if they don’t have it already.

This marketing strategy will help both American Airlines and TikTok gain popularity. Although the airline will get much of the benefit, TikTok will also get a chance to get more market share.

After COVID-19, the travel business is one of the few to face crucial times. And now that they’re resuming their operations to the full, they’re taking measures to attract more passengers.

One move was taken earlier by Unite when they added a feature to pre-order in-flight snacks. They also added a feature to pre-order flights with Bluetooth support.

American Airlines also allowed passengers to use Facebook Messenger.