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Nvidia Drops Prices For GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090

There is some movement in the euro prices of the RTX models 4080 and 4090. Without much announcement, Nvidia has lowered the price tag of the two graphics cards in its own store. The adjustment probably has to do primarily with the strong euro.

Nvidia Top Graphics Are Now Cheaper

The GPU market is in an interesting phase. The fat years with horrendous profits from the crypto miners are over, bottlenecks have largely been overcome, but the prices of the products have not yet ended their soaring. While Nvidia is selling well for its top RTX 4090 card despite price tags of around 2000 euros so far, the RTX 4080 seems to be much heavier on the shelves. Both products are now experiencing their first price reductions, but the 4080 does not fall as many hoped for.

Nvidia has adjusted the non-binding price recommendations for the reference models of the cards in its own store. If the GeForce RTX 4080 was previously listed for 1469 euros, the Founders Edition model is now available for 1399 euros. With the GeForce RTX 4090, the official price tag is reduced from 1949 to 1849 euros. This means that both models are now about 5 percent cheaper, at least from Nvidia itself – although they are currently not available here.

The fact that Nvidia publishes the new prices on its own site without much announcement indicates that there is probably no attempt to create purchase incentives. Rather, the group seems to be reacting to the current strong development of the euro exchange rate compared to the dollar. As Hardwareluxx notes, a similar movement in prices can also be observed in free trade.

More pressure will come

It will be interesting to see how Nvidia will pursue its price policy in the coming months. The RTX 4090 runs great thanks to enthusiasts willing to pay more. The models below – the RTX 4080 and the now-renamed RTX 4070 TI – are much more difficult to place on the market. The market launch of the Radeon RX 7900 series by AMD will provide the next impetus here.