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Oculus Quest users Happy To Have VR version of Facebook Messenger App

Oculus Messenger

After acquiring Oculus, Facebook is working hard to integrate more of its own services into the VR platform. The latest news is that the Oculus version of the Messenger app will begin to promote to users this week. If you have logged into Oculus Quest and Quest 2 with your Facebook account, you can now directly use the Oculus dedicated version of the Messenger messaging app.

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As early as the second half of 2020, Oculus began to force users to log in with Facebook accounts and plans to terminate support for all Oculus old accounts before January 2023, but this move also caused great controversy.

After this update, users can use the built-in keyboard input or voice-to-text function to chat and interact with your Messenger friends while wearing the Quest headset. Even so, Facebook still claims that it will not make any changes to users’ current privacy settings.

In addition, the new version also allows users to create an “Oculus Party” to communicate face-to-face with friends or play games together in a virtual party environment.

Finally, the V25 software update that is rolling out one after another introduces a feature called “App Lab“, which aims to provide developers with a way to distribute games and applications outside the official Oculus Store app store.