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Omdia Shares Worldwide Smartphone Shipments’ Data – Samsung Scored First Position

Omdia shared worldwide smartphones’ shipments data – Samsung scored the first position.

According to Omdia, Q1 of 2021 saw a whopping growth in worldwide smartphone shipments when the sales activity surged by 28.1% compared to Q1 of 2020. During the said period, the total sales were 353 million handsets compared to 272.7 million of the previous period. The highest contributor during the period was Samsung, contributing 22% of the total market share.

Moreover, we learned that Samsung shipped 29.2% more handsets annually during Q1 2021, from 58.9 million to 76.1 million.

Then came Apple, shipping 56.4 million iPhone units during the quarter, which was 46.5% higher than the previous cycle. Apple also announced that in Q1 of 2021, the company made a sales gain of 65.5% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2020.

In the third position, we found Xiaomi, shipping 78.3% more handsets during Q1 on a year-over-year basis. As noted by PhoneArena, the company’s market share was 14% as it delivered 49.5 million phones.

At number four, we have Vivo, shipping 95.9% more handsets in the said quarter than the previous cycle. The total number of items shipped in the said period was 38.2 million, a market share of 11%.

Oppo scored the fifth position, shipping 37.8 million phones – 85.3% higher compared to the previous cycle and a market share of 11%.

Huawei faced a dip in business after it was banned in the US. The dip was 70% annually, and the company shipments dropped from 49 million units to 14.7 million, capturing only 4% of the total market share.

Motorola‘s shipments surged by 128.1%, Realme‘s shipments increased by 86.9%, Tecno shipments increased by 133.4%, whereas LG‘s shipments increased by 26.2% year-over-year.