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OnePlus 9 Series Launched, But Where’s that Deleted Tweet?

OnePlus 9 series is finally launched in India and soon will be available for sale. But where’s that one special tweet?

OnePlus 9 Series

As promised, the OnePlus 9 series rolled out on March 23rd in India. The company launched the OnePlus 9, 9R, and the top-end OnePlus 9 Pro. The wait is finally over. Fans are rushing to get their desired handset from stores and talking in deep about their new smartphone. However, fans are not only discussing the features. They are also talking about the recent tweet that came out from OnePlus India.

Isn’t it strange that the official account is tweeting from iPhone. Seems like they’re promoting iPhone, not OnePlus!

We have been talking a lot about this day when the company would be rolling out the 9 series. We also know that the phone would actually go on sale in April, in just a few days. We also have talked about the features. But we never said that an iPhone fan would promote the OnePlus series.

The fun part is yet to come. The tweet was soon deleted when people started mocking OnePlus (like the above tweet), “Even OnePlus team members like iPhone, then why should we buy OnePlus.”

Jokes apart, this is an innocent mistake. The company had trolled iPhone previously for its slow charging and more. See for yourself:

I don’t know about others, but I like OnePlus since I’ve read a lot about OnePlus on my iPhone 😉

Source: My Smart Price