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OnePlus: New Wireless Earbuds In The Making; May Arrive In July

For years, OnePlus has been selling its ‘Bullet’ earbuds, and while some of them have offered Bluetooth connectivity, the company still has to release genuine wireless earbuds. Even the latest OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z still has a cord in between the two earbuds. That could change soon, however, according to a new rumour. 

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Noted leaker Max J. on Twitter. Posted a teaser image, allegedly produced by OnePlus, depicting genuinely wireless earbuds and a July release / announcement date. The earbuds look remarkably similar to the AirPods from Apple, though that’s true for most wireless earbuds.

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Max noted that the image came from a “new but apparently reliable source,” so there’s no previous record that might indicate whether or not the rumor is legitimate. Whether OnePlus could produce truly wireless earbuds that could compete against options like the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ or the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless remains to be seen, but more options would certainly not be a bad thing.

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