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OnePlus registers three unique names for its products


According to some fresh pieces of information, OnePlus has registered three unique names for its future products. As usual, it is not necessary that the company will utilize all of these names, or will use only one name.

As per reports, the company has registered the OnePlus Edge, OnePlus Wing, and OnePlus Prime names. Such names could be referring to different products. If we look at the trademark ‘Wing’, then it is the name that has been used by LG. Well, it is quite odd for a smartphone to utilize such a name. however, it could also point out a different device.

OnePlus will introduce its foldable smartphone by Q3 2023

Besides this, the foldable are slowly and gradually occupying the market attention. In addition to foldable smartphones, companies have also advertised the idea of rollable smartphones. It is expected that OnePlus will introduce its first foldable smartphone in Q3 2023. Rumors indicate that it could be named either the OnePlus Fold or OnePlus V Fold (already trademarked by the company).

It is anticipated that OnePlus will introduce a book-style foldable as its first foldable smartphone. There is no information about a clamshell foldable coming from OnePlus. The details about the upcoming device are unknown however, there is a chance that it could resemble the OPPO Find N3.

Some sources believe that the design will be the same for the two devices. Basically, the foldables by OPPO i.e., Find N and N2 were quite compact in the folded state. They unfolded into a horizontal orientation on the main display. Google was also inspired by this approach and utilized it with the Pixel Fold.

Some reports suggest that the Find N3 will be comparatively larger. There is a possibility that OnePlus foldable will resemble the Find N3 in certain aspects. It is rumored that the device will measure 8 inches in the display when unfolded, in contrast to a 7.1-inch presented with the Find N and N2.

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