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OnePlus Tag Has Registered Trademark Launch imminent

OnePlus tag

With the release of Apple AirTags, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to pour into the smart tracking device market, Samsung already started it along with Oppo and now OnePlus also hopes to get a share of the pie. According to the recently applied “OnePlus Tagtrademark, it shows that OnePlus is developing this device. In view of the relationship between OnePlus and OPPO, the function of the OnePlus Tag should be similar to the previously exposed OPPO Smart Tag, and it should have a UWB function.

The trademark was filed through Beijing Intangible Technology on May 18, 2021. Judging from the name, OnePlus Tag seems to be an item tracker. You can use it to track your personal items such as keys, wallets, and packages. OnePlus Tag may be similar to Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and Apple AirTags.

Unfortunately, the trademark list did not reveal the specifications or launch date of the OnePlus Tag. In addition, we don’t even know if the company is actually developing the OnePlus Tag, or if the brand is just applying for a trademark for the name for future purposes.