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OnePlus To Sell Its Smart TVs In Europe Soon

Xiaomi 75-inch QLED smart TV

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has long since become a fixture on the smartphone market. But that doesn’t just have advantages, because the routine has crept in here to a certain extent. The company is still good for headlines, for example with TV sets.

OnePlus has been a TV manufacturer for around two years now and can celebrate more than just respectable successes here. The “problem” of the matter: So far, OnePlus televisions are not available in Europe, the Chinese company has so far concentrated on the lucrative Indian market.

Anyone who was interested in a OnePlus television in Europe (the company currently offers the 55Q1, 55Q1 Pro, 55U1, 43Y1, and 32Y1 models) has had to get creative and look around at importers – if television is even worthwhile for a television.

Europe Is Focused By OnePlus

But Oneplus founder and boss Pete Lau has now told press representatives that they are planning or preparing to enter the European business. According to Lau, this is a logical step, but there has not yet been a specific schedule or other details. Incidentally, a feature of the OnePlus televisions is the retractable soundbar, which is used in the Q1 series.

With an expansion towards Europe, OnePlus would follow the example of Xiaomi, the manufacturer, also from China, has recently carried out a similar expansion of its market.

Of course, Lau also spoke about the foldable smartphone category. OnePlus doesn’t have anything like it on offer here and it didn’t sound like anything would change here anytime soon. Because here, according to the OnePlus bosses, there is still the need to tailor the software and operation of the devices to the technology and its possibilities.

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