OnePlus will make it easier to use your phone in the rain with its latest innovation

OnePlus 10 Pro

You won’t have to worry about the phone getting wet because so many smartphones today feature IP water resistance. However, it can still be very frustrating to use your phone in the rain. You can use your phone in the rain thanks to OnePlus’ innovative Rainwater Touch technology.

Water ingress isn’t the problem here; the problem is that when you use your phone with a wet screen, the phone may become confused and believe that you are touching it. As a result, even when you are not touching the screen, random inputs will appear there. This may even stop the phone from ever picking up your input.

This will be corrected with OnePlus’ Rainwater Touch

The next OnePlus Ace 2 Pro is shown next to an iPhone in a video that OnePlus shared on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, according to Android Police. Then, we witness both phones being hit by water jets. This is being done to mimic a heavy rainfall of rain.

The testers were able to operate the OnePlus phone without any problems, even though both phones were being sprayed with water. On the other hand, the iPhone experienced the same problems that capacitive touch screens have.

This was accomplished by OnePlus using a unique chip. This chip works in tandem with the main SoC to ensure that the phone doesn’t record arbitrary touch inputs when the screen is wet.

Not only is this a chip commercial, but we also get a sneak peek at the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro. This phone will be the one to include a huge 24GB of RAM, among other things. That kind of specification, which is also a good one, is what you’d expect to find on a computer.

You’ll want to pay attention to the news because OnePlus is expected to announce this new phone in the coming few days.

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