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Online Visa Service Launching Soon in Pakistan

Ahsan Iqbal the Interior Minister of Pakistan has directed the authorities to ensure that best possible facilities are given to overseas Pakistanis for issuing passports and national identity cards.

Furthermore, the Interior Minister also directed the concerned departments to start online visa services in Pakistan as soon as possible. He said this as he presided over a Ministry meeting in Islamabad.

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Also, the Minister believes that the land records in Islamabad district must be computerized. Work is being done on it, but it must be accelerated. Moreover, he said that the modern advanced tech should be used in the e-policing system of Pakistan.

To the FIA he asked to take a look at the tour operators list and add real, genuine & honest tour operators in the list.

Online Visa Service

If an online visa service is set up in Pakistan it will make the whole visa application procedure easier and simpler without any need for an agent.

The advantages of an online visa service are that it is faster & simpler to apply for the visa online. Once applied, the status of the application can be checked online as well. So you will not need to visit many offices, stand in line, ask for procedures, go from one counter to other, in short, the online visa will make the whole procedure less time-consuming.

It is pertinent to mention here that recently Election Commission of Pakistan along with NADRA and other relevant authorities has decided to introduce an online procedure that will enable overseas Pakistanis to vote in the upcoming elections. 

NADRA Chairman Usman Mobin with reference to the software development for online voting said, “Work is underway on the software’s development. It can be tested on an experimental basis in mock elections and will be ready by the start of April.”

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