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Only Premium Customers Can Enjoy Verizon’s C-band 5G Reception

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The US telecom operator Verizon has previously built the largest and fastest 4G network in the United States, and its 5G network construction is also very active. According to TheVerge news, sources confirmed today that users need to purchase Premium Unlimited unlimited data premium packages to enjoy C-band 5G signals.

C-Band refers to the 3400~3800MHz frequency band ( n77, n78 ). This frequency band has sufficient bandwidth, fast speed, and low latency. It is the most supported frequency band by global operators. Previously, Verizon tried to use 4G network equipment to transmit 5G signals, but the effect was not as good as the network speed when 5G was turned off, so consumers were dissatisfied.

Verizon recently paid US$45.4 billion for the C-band in the FCC’s spectrum auction , setting a record, so the company had to promote its high-priced 5G package to guarantee revenue. The company predicts that in 2030, the proportion of its premium package users with unlimited data will increase from 21% to 50%.

Since then, Verizon also stated that subscribers to the two third-party networks of Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile can also enjoy the C-band 5G network. If users of the old package want to use the C-band and millimeter wave 5G, they need to pay an additional fee to use it.