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OPPO F3 Launched in Pakistan on May 5th 2017

The Chinese smart phone company has come up with yet another dual Selfie camera phone called OPPO F3. I say yet another because it looks similar to the previous release by OPPO which was OPPO F3 Plus. The lens of the Selfie camera is 16MP and it also has angle lens of 8 MP. By launching a similar product OPPO wants to strengthen its spot as a Selfie expert smartphone.

The tag line of OPPO “One for Selfie, One for Group selfie” is further reinforced by the launch of OPPO F3. The camera has almost twice larger view compared to that of any other camera. Not only this, the camera provides the user with a professional snap with least distortion. All in all you can take perfect group selfie through it.

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The concept of taking Selfies has reached to masses. Capturing each and every moment through Selfies is now a compulsion. The only issue with it was that all the family members or friends were not captured in a single snap due to limitation of the screen. OPPO with OPPO F3 Plus and now OPPO F3 has made it possible for the people to capture group selfies effortlessly.

Image via: BGR.in