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Oppo Find X3 To Come First Quarter 2021 10th Anniversary Of Find X Series

Oppo Find X3

On January 4, the WeChat public account OPPODAILY announced a New Year’s speech from OPPO President Chen Mingyong, with the theme “Forge ahead, break the high-end“. In addition to reviewing OPPO’s brand strategy on Find X2, Reno series, and other products in 2020, as well as OPPO’s multi-faceted layout in local and overseas markets and hardware and software, the next 2021 will also be the tenth anniversary of OPPO’s high-end flagship Find series. OPPO confirmed that it will release a new high-end flagship in the first quarter, Find X3.

OPPO President Chen Mingyong said: The development of flagship mobile phones is often accompanied by parametric theory and configuration theory, but ignores the essence-respect for people. OPPO will uphold the brand belief of “Technology for people, good for the world”, so that Find X3 will become a model of OPPO’s benevolent innovation, and will break the brand and become the first camp of global high-end flagships.

It is currently known that OPPO has confirmed that it will be the first to carry the OPPO full-link color management system in Find X3. This is the news confirmed when it was announced at the OPPO Future Technology Conference in 2020. It is also the first time that OPPO has achieved full-link 10bit picture and video shooting in the industry.

It is reported that OPPO Find X3 series mobile phones will not only have 10bit image and video information collection capabilities but will also launch hardware-level stacked  DOL-HDR  technology to support the continuous output of long, medium, and short exposure frames. The algorithm will also continue to be upgraded. Find X3 images Ability was once a hot topic among users. The Find series is OPPO’s strength in the “extreme exploration spirit”. From the thinnest Finder to the revolutionary Find 7 charging experience, the disruptive and innovative design Find X and the ultimate screen image Find X2, OPPO has repeatedly demonstrated its strong R&D and industrial integration capabilities, and we believe Find X3 will give us more dimensional surprises.