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Oppo Registers Smart Car Search Patent OCAR

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Many car owners have experienced “forgetting” where their car is parked in the parking garage of a shopping mall. They have to find one by one, looking from south to east and west to East but If the car has the function of unlocking the horn, it will be relatively convenient to find the car some.

Today, from the company’s website OPPO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has published a patent for “Smart car-finding method, device, equipment, and computer-readable storage medium”. The application date is December 10, 2019. The publication number is CN110956845B, and the publication date is June 1. The patent is registered in China. according to the details provided by a Chinese blogger.

How It Works

The patent abstract shows that the invention provides a smart car-finding method, device, equipment, and computer-readable storage medium. According to the details the current air pressure value of the user’s current location is first obtained through the mobile terminal, and then the current floor air pressure value measured by the barometer on the floor where the vehicle is parked.

Subsequently, the relative altitude between the current location of the user and the floor where the vehicle is parked is calculated according to the current air pressure value and the current floor air pressure value, and the relative altitude is sent to the mobile terminal for the user to use according to the relative altitude which carries out a car search.

The air pressure value is detected by the mobile terminal and the barometer installed in the parking lot to obtain the relative altitude of the user position and the vehicle position according to the air pressure value, which improves the positioning accuracy in the Z-axis height direction during the process of finding a car in the parking lot.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, OPPO Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the “OCAR” trademark, which is internationally classified as a scientific instrument. It has now entered the stage of waiting for substantive examination. CAR stands for automobile, and OCAR may be OPPO car project.

It is reported that the OPPO Group is already preparing for car manufacturing projects. The founder Chen Mingyong has led a team to investigate, and has already figured out and investigated the resources and talents of the industry chain.

In addition, according to reports, Chen Mingyong has met with the president of the China Passenger Car Division of Ningde Times, and candidates for autonomous driving and cockpit have also begun to be recruited.

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