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Oppo Reno Ace New Version Live Image Leaked

A Chinese Leaker has released a spy photo of the new model of Oppo Reno Ace. The new model uses blue glare color matching, 3D curved glass, and the middle frame are closely connected. The most notable is the camera module designed by the Oreo group. According to reports, the new device is the second generation of OPPO Reno Ace.

Judging from OPPO’s current product line, this exposure has high credibility. The first generation of OPPO Reno Ace was released on October 10 last year, the digital series Reno3 was released on December 26, and the top flagship Find X series was also updated on March 6 this year. In terms of time, if the product is released in the near future, the possibility of being the second generation of OPPO Reno Ace is extremely high.

From the perspective of the exposed image, the most significant appearance change of the second generation of OPPO Reno Ace should be the layout design of the camera module. At present, due to the popularity of multi-camera solutions is evident in the newer models, and Oreo modeling has been favored by more consumers due to its design, appearance and visual experience. 

The first-generation OPPO Reno Ace, with its high performance and high configuration and a starting price of 3,199 yuan $450, was welcomed by consumers as soon as it went on sale. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, 90Hz high refresh rate screen, ice carbon constant cooling system, stereo dual speakers and other configurations make OPPO Reno Ace an excellent target for mobile phone performance seekers and gamers. As the successor of the previous generation, the second generation of OPPO Reno Ace will also bring us a more extreme configuration combination.

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