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Oppo reveals three amazing products at Oppo’s Inno Day Event 2022


The Inno day event of OPPO 2022 is held in China. The technology manufacturer has introduced some amazing products. These range from OHealth H1, MariSilicon Y, and Air Glass 2.

OHealth H1

It is a strange device because it seems to be holdable. Do note that this device is not wearable. It has a variety of health-related sensors. It has been mentioned as a health device for the family.

The device is about 95 grams in weight. It is shaped like a computer mouse. It has several sensors that could monitor heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, and heart and lung auscultation, and it has an electrocardiogram (ECG) function. The outer case of the device is smooth and round. It can even track sleep. As stated by Oppo such a device would be easier to carry around and it is pretty different compared to other standard medical equipment.

As of now, we are not sure how this device will work and what its availability will be. Oppo holds the market approach for China, the UK, and many other regions. It has no marketplace in the U.S. for Health-related technology devices. Since they require specific certifications for sale. No word has been shared by the company regarding the clearance of OHealth H1 for sale.

Air Glass 2

The product was revealed at Oppo’s Inno Day 2022. Sadly, it is unlikely for this product to make its way to massive release. These are actually the Air Glass 2-assisted reality spectacles. At the 2021 Inno day event, the first version of Air Glass was showcased. Since then the product has not been released outside China.

In comparison to Air Glass, the Air Glass 2 uses a new set of Oppo-designed waveguide lenses. It can make phone calls, show navigation instructions, provide real-time translation, and more. They measure just 38 grams in weight.

MariSilicon Y

Oppo has also introduced a new custom-made chip, the MariSilicon Y. one thing to note here is that MariSilicon X chip was photography centered. Whereas the MariSilicon Y is a Bluetooth system on a chip (SoC). As per Oppo, the chip will be able to stream 24-bit/192kHz audio over Bluetooth. We can expect that this chip might arrive in some of the future smartphones of the company. Where it could be potentially suitable for just Oppo’s products.

The Inno day event 2022 is scheduled for December 14 and 15. These three announcements may just be the beginning of what’s coming forth during this event.

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