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Oppo Shows The Next Generation Under-Display Camera

Under display camera

In the process of shrinking the edges of the screen, under-display cameras may be the ultimate evolution! Oppo has now introduced the latest version of the technology. Unlike Vivo’s first attempt, the selfie quality shouldn’t suffer either.

Oppo has unveiled the latest version of its under-display cameras! The idea is not to bring the selfie camera of a smartphone into the display using a punch-hole notch but to make it disappear completely. The manufacturer ZTE has already brought its first attempt to market maturity but has received a lot of criticism for it.

But many of the criticisms that existed at the time with the ZTE Axon 20 5G, Oppo now wants to have corrected. As The Verge reports, users should not see any visible difference between the camera area and the rest of the display. Oppo presented a prototype that showed an eBook.

Camera quality should be better

The first version of the under-display cameras that was ready for the market was particularly problematic when taking selfies. The positioning of the camera under the display resulted in a haze or unsightly reflections. In addition to the picture of the prototype, Oppo also showed a picture of a model.

The photo looks natural and the quality is actually no different from “conventional” selfie snapshots. Curiously, the model doesn’t look like she took the picture herself – but let’s trust that an Oppo employee dislocated his arm for the photo so that he wasn’t in the photo himself.

In addition to Oppo, ZTE also has a second version of the technology at the start. The ZTE Axon 30 will initially only be launched in China, and Oppo is also still open as to when we will (not) see the new selfie cameras. The trend is still exciting and now that the teething troubles seem to have been cured a little, I should ask: How do you find under-display cameras?