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Outlook for the iPhone 14 series: Liu Hai is eliminated but not completely

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The revelations of the iPhone series have always been top-tier in the technology media circle. Because of the large number of people who follow, bloggers are very willing to dig out some clues to help the people who eat melons get a glimpse of what the iPhone next year will have. Features. With the release of the iPhone 13 series, the news of the 14 series will naturally be put on the agenda. Recently, the well-known whistleblower Mark Gurman released new news, saying that the iPhone 14 series will finally get rid of the tens of thousands of bangs and increase the screen-to-body ratio, but you don’t have to be too excited to hear this. Because the bangs have not been completely eliminated.
According to Gurman, the new iPhone 14 will use an open-hole screen solution, which is similar to most current Android phones, but the difference is that the opening of the apple uses a pill-shaped design, And it’s still centered, so it looks like it’s a little bit free.

Of course, such a small opening seems to be unable to fit the face recognition module, and Gurman said that Apple will hide it out of sight. In combination with previous revelations, Apple’s approach is most likely to use a newly developed under-screen recognition module, which hides the 3D structured light core dot matrix projector and infrared camera under the screen, and uses other manufacturers to make under-screen cameras. Hide the face recognition module. As for why this technology is not used to completely eliminate the bangs, the author believes that the reason is still due to the image quality. If you have used the current under-screen camera products, it is not difficult to find that there is still a gap between the shooting effect and the ordinary front camera. This gap will continue to shrink in the future, but at the moment, Apple, which is accustomed to playing a safe card, will not. Take the risk of using this technology.

According to the news collected by the author on other aspects of the phone, the design of the iPhone 14 may be quite radical. In the past, the camera bump has always been a design that makes consumers dissatisfied and helpless. Almost all mobile phone camera modules are much higher than the back cover of the mobile phone. It can be seen from the rendering that Apple has flattened all the raised cameras with a swipe of a big knife this time. The person who broke the news @jon_prosser explained that This is because Apple uses a thicker protective glass on the back panel to cover the height of the camera.

However, it is worth noting that the current thickness of the iPhone body including the camera is more than 1cm. If the backplane is forcibly thickened and the right-angle middle frame is used, it will have a devastating blow to the user’s feel. At the same time, the thicker glass backplane will naturally increase the thickness significantly. Unless Apple is really determined to make a mobile phone with a super-capacity battery, the author believes that this plan is less likely. In addition, the material of the iPhone 14 has also been upgraded. In addition to the common aluminum alloy and stainless steel before, Apple has actually been studying the application of titanium. News about the iPhone’s titanium alloy body is seen almost every year. This material has higher strength than stainless steel, and at the same time has a lower density, which can create a lighter body. For the mobile phones that are at every turn, the excellent performance of titanium alloy can’t be better.

Of course, the ultra-high processing difficulty of titanium alloy has always been a difficult problem to solve. It will not only cause the cost of the device to rise but also affect the mass production of the machine. This is also the reason why titanium alloys can only exist in mobile phone rumors in the past. If iPhone 14 uses this material, it will be a major change to the weight and texture of the mobile phone. Besides, there is also news about the new version of the iPhone SE. The news broke that the SE will finally use the 5G network. It may be a good choice for users who want to try the iPhone ecosystem.