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Outlook Web version bug Disappears New Contacts Button


The web version of Outlook is one of the most popular services of this type and is accordingly used intensively. And not only for emails, but also appointments and contacts. The latter is obviously disturbed these days, because no new contacts can be created.

Button for new contacts disappears

In all likelihood, this is a bug, because according to several user reports, the button for adding new contacts has simply disappeared in most cases. This is reported by users of several forums. As Dr. Windows reported, the problem has apparently only existed for a few days, the link to add new people to the contact list, which is usually above the favorites, is nowhere to be found. The whole thing is somewhat strange, because as Martin Geuss writes, the button is there if you haven’t saved a single contact in Outlook or if you create an empty folder (see below). But if you do that and only create a single contact, the button in question disappears at once.

Workaround with an empty folder

Although only the private version of Outlook is mentioned in the forums, the business edition is apparently just as affected. However, there is a workaround with which you can at least trick this erroneous behavior. Because after creating a new folder for contacts, the “ghost button” also comes back.

The creation causes the link to disappear again, but after moving the contact to the main directory, the button also comes back – because the folder is now empty again. So you can always create individual contacts via folders and move them later. This is cumbersome and annoying, but at least a temporary solution.


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