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Pac Man 99 Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon

Nintendo and Bandai Namco are releasing Pac-Man 99 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch this week. Pac-Man 99 takes up the original game concept of the arcade classic but lets 99 players compete against each other. A trailer for the game now shows what that looks like and which strategies are particularly promising in online competitions.

The title already suggests: In Pac-Man 99, a total of 99 players from all over the world compete online to be named “Pac-One”. The way there is apparently simple because you just have to be the last to be alive.

According to The Verge, Pac-Man 99 retains the game principle that has been known for 40 years: As Pac-Man, players eat their way through a 2D maze and avoid ghosts in the process. Power pills turn the hunted into a hunter. But while eaten ghosts usually return to the middle of the level, they are sent to other players in Pac-Man 99.

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As Nintendo shows in the video, other changes provide variety. For example, players can create ghost trains and slow down other players with disruptive Pac-Mans. Pac-Man 99 is available for download now and can be played for free by all Nintendo Switch Online members tomorrow (April 8, 2021). There is also optional content available for release, including offline modes and additional designs in the style of other classic games.

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