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Paint.NET Download – Free photo editor


With the download from Paint.net, you get a powerful and comfortable alternative to the onboard drawing program Microsoft Paint for Windows 10. The free software is currently available in version 4.3.6 and contains numerous tools for drawing pictures and editing digital photos. The software can also be expanded with plug-ins.

Paint.net download & installation

During the installation, users can set up the software directly with common default settings or the configuration of a previous installation or adjust them manually. Paint.net can then also be set as the standard program for various image formats. A system restores point is also created so that the PC can be reset to its previous state in the event of problems.

Features like the big ones

Windows only offer very limited options for image processing with the MS Paint software. Exactly for this reason Microsoft developed the free program Paint.NET in cooperation with Washington State University. Originally intended as a free alternative to the onboard tool Paint, the software now offers functions that can usually only be found in paid professional programs. With Paint.NET, for example, users can edit different layers of images. The “infinite history”, which allows you to undo all previous work steps, is particularly practical. In addition, the software has a large number of special effects and auto-correction functions that are intended to further facilitate the processing of images. Depending on your preference, the software can be used with a white, black, or light blue theme.

Plug-ins on Getpaint.net

The range of functions of Paint.NET can be combined with Plug.ins which can be downloaded from the official forum. For example, the program can be enriched with additional effects. Other add-ons ensure that the program understands new formats. For example, Adobe Photoshop files (PSD) can also be edited with Paint.NET.

Free paint program alternative

Paint.NET should have all the functions that normal users need when it comes to image processing. Thanks to plug-in support, missing features can be retrofitted. If MS Paint offers too few functions, but Adobe Photoshop is too inflated and expensive, Paint.NET offers the free middle ground. Paint.NET supports the BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, TGA and DirectDraw Surface (DDS) formats by default.


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