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Pakistani-American Startup Inkrypt Allows Citizens to Combat Media Censorship

A Pakistani-American startup at Harvard has created a system for citizens to avoid media censorship by the government. Group of Pakistani-American entrepreneurs started a company called Inkrypt that uses blockchain technology to share & transfer content without it ever exchanged via a server. All the founders of Inkrypt are from Pakistan.

The co-founder of the company Ali Chaudhary wanted to start this company as he had faced censorship issues in Pakistan. The limited access to information created a knowledge gap. Not having access to full information affects the society negatively.

Chaudhary said,  “We’ve seen censorship first hand and we’ve seen how it affects lives, how it affects the whole society.”

He said it is very common for sites like YouTube to get blocked in Pakistan.

Talking about Inkrypt he said,  “It is a censorship-resistant platform for publishing, not just for journalists but for all types of media.”

Presently the product is being developed at Harvard University’s Innovation Lab. It is already available in the United States, Canada, China, and Germany. It will be expanded to other nations especially where the censorship is very severe.

Nicole Craig

Media coordinator and junior editor at Research Snipers RS-NEWS, I studied mass communication and interested technology business, I have 3 years experience in the media industry.