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Panasonic robust plans for Middle East under new leadership

Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa the regional headquarters has announced its robust plans for the fiscal year 2017-18 under the new leadership. Panasonic has appointed a new managing director Hiroki Soejima who is going to endorse a robust strategy for Panasonic in the region, it was revealed during the annual conference held in Dubai on Wednesday.

More than 80 business partners from 12 different countries were present at the annual convention Panasonic. During the convention, the company stressed on market penetration and improving the company market position by making strategic alliances with key business partners and retailers.

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The company also focuses on product enhancement by introducing local fit, improving product lines with revamping of the brand for its upcoming marketing campaign.

The new theme for Panasonic was introduced during the event,


The Middle East & Africa region has witnessed sustainable growth over years, Panasonic is a leading Japanese manufacturer which offers vast products portfolio for both consumers and businesses, being a customer focused brand we will continue to evolve and adapt changes in demand and this year we are aiming to increase our footprints across the region.” Said Hiroki