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Patent Unveils Xiaomi Dual Popup Camera Design Renders

Xiaomi dual Popup Camera

In recent years, the screen edges of smartphones have been greatly narrowed, and users can get larger and larger screen experiences. At the same time, the bangs design that has been controversial has also been replaced by pop-up cameras or punch-hole designs. At present, the first ZTE Axon 20 5G with an under-screen camera is also available. This design seems to be the future trend, but mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi still like to try some new and bold designs

Recently, LetsGoDigital exposed Xiaomi’s patent for a mobile phone design with dual pop-up cameras the renders produced by LetsGoDigital explains the story. In the patent, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has two pop-up cameras with tilted angles. They face the front or back and can be used for the front. Set shooting and post-shooting.

The Xiaomi mobile phone in the patent uses a full-screen design, the entire front is a full-screen, without any punches, bangs, and no front camera. The front and rear cameras of the phone are integrated on the top of the phone and can pop up at a certain angle when shooting. The two camera lenses of the camera system are located on the front and back of the pop-up system, so there are a total of 4 cameras, two of which are used for selfies and the other two are used as the main cameras.