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PayPal Global Sellers Program Is Announced In Partnership With Webinterpret

PayPal has introduced a new “PayPal Global Sellers” program in which merchants would be able to sell their products to consumers across the world.

PayPal has partnered with global ecommerce platform “Webinterpret” to offer services which significantly reduces time when selling offshore. Webinterpret is a unique plug & play international ecommerce platform which allow ecommerce business merchants to launch their store over 60 countries with localized versions. The features include; localized checkout and payments, translation and low-cost international shipping. The platform also allow to integrate Amazon and Ebay stores for international selling.

Currently PayPal Global Sellers program is available in beta version in the UK for the last 9 months, but PayPal is going to launch this service live to all merchants in UK, US and Germany from tomorrow July 12.

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According to VentureBeat PayPal director of global initiatives, Melissa O’Malley said, “PayPal Global Sellers will be immediately benefitted from more than 562K US small and medium businesses who started to sell their products online in a new country with PayPal in 2016”.

The downside is that the services would only be available for the merchants—having shopping carts integrated in their stores and having more than $5000 total payment volume with PayPal. The service is also restricted to selling tangible goods, and not available for selling intangible or digital services.