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PayPal offers 0% installment payments for a limited time

The Internet has long been the primary way to buy things, and products that cost four- or even five-figure sums have long been consumed this way. These can be paid off in installments. PayPal also offers this, but now also in a 0% variant. Zero percent financing is offered on many sites these days and is commonly used. After all, customers are less or less hesitant to buy something expensive and spread the purchase costs over a longer period if the total costs do not increase as a result.

PayPal has been offering installment payments for a long time

PayPal has been offering installment payments since 2019, but this was only available at an annual interest rate of just under ten percent. But PayPal will also offer 0% financing for a good month, with the aim of keeping customers longer. Infographic: PayPal is the number one online payment service As the financial services provider on its website, you can buy them until June 26, 2022 Payment in installments via PayPal use these terms.

This is officially in effect as of today, but from personal experience, we can confirm that it has been active (at least) since last Friday. The popular financial services company can pay in installments of three, six, twelve, and 24 months. Goods with a value of 99 euros or more are eligible, the maximum is 5000 euros. Of course, interested parties must pass a credit check.

Once this has been completed and this credit has been credited, all details can be viewed and changed via the PayPal app or website. Because a special redemption or early redemption is possible at any time and without a surcharge, PayPal will continue as usual. Finally, the financial company also points out that customers can also take advantage of PayPal Buyer Protection when paying by installments if the goods do not arrive or are significantly different from the description.