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Pencil News App: It’s easier to consume news in urdu

Urdu is our national dialect. However, it is frequently disregarded in business environment and local items produced over the web. Furthermore, when we discuss Urdu news sites and applications, the substance is to a great extent click-bait. This causes the internet readers to turn to perusing news from English platforms. Pencil News has intended to take care of this issue by presenting a cross-stage news service that enables users to read the news and watch television shows on an Urdu-based interface. It utilizes the original version of the valid “Nastaliq Urdu” text style. This makes reading or watching content much more less demanding. It even permits outside users who are non-familiar Urdu speakers to include remarks over the news portions in local Urdu dialect.

It is a result of a new business called Pencil.  This is the brainchild of a group of Stockholm-based innovation business visionaries and startup financial specialists. Every one of them hails from a Pakistani foundation and has been nearly studying their consumer base throughout the previous couple of years.

In light of their exploration, they understood the need to concentrate on content that uses nearby dialects so that dominant part of Pakistanis could receive rewards of this technological innovation. Henceforth, they have been occupied with numerous R&D activities to grow dialect using applications. They are additionally on course to provide these administrations in other provincial dialects like Baluchi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Punjabi. Language as a medium would be able to help audiences consume news effectively.

Pencil News can be downloaded from Google App Store for free

As we probably are aware, Urdu dialect has interchange sounds for some letter sets which prompt letter uncertainty. The group behind Pencil News has figured a transliteration algorithm that spotlights more on making the framework setting mindful. Utilizing their services, they expect to focus on individuals who might want to read or watch media items in Urdu.

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As far as people in general reaction go, they have gotten more than 70,000 downloads in a little more than two months. It should be noted that their full dispatch was in February 2017. Likewise, they are one of the top-most applications on Google Play Store for news updates with a 4.6 rating. Generally speaking, they have possessed the capacity to gather more than 2 million screen views with their client base. The user base is located in more than 70 nations that incorporate Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, UAE and US among others. It should be noted that Urdu is spoken in South East Asia. The language has roots in Persian and Arabic.

In the quick future, they are chipping away at news personalization which would enable users to just get news updates that are identified with their zone of interest. Additionally, they are attempting to coordinate this innovation into Facebook posts. This would enable people to compose a subtitle in Roman Urdu and they would be changed over into local Urdu.

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You can have a look at them here.

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