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Pixel 6 Official Teaser Video Released Coming October 19

Google Pixel 6

The video that Google recently published can and must be called a teaser, but the Pixel 6 is clearly recognizable several times in the 30-second long video. It can be seen in various everyday situations, Google emphasizes that the smartphone is a device that adapts to the needs of the user.

Google also announces in the video that the Pixel 6 will be coming in “autumn 2021”, but a specific date is not yet to be found in the advertising clip. However, you can find this out, at least probably: Because the company has published a picture on Instagram from the Californian Mountain View via its “Made by Google” account that shows the different material and Android 12 widgets on the Pixel 6.

Will be released on October 19th

Android Police took a closer look at the picture and the widgets and was able to discover an interesting detail, namely a reference to a Tuesday the 19th. Although the month is not mentioned, this year there is only such a combination of day of the week and day of the month, namely October 19th.

From this one can certainly conclude that the Pixel 6 will actually appear or can be pre-ordered on this day. It is very likely that the date is actually correct because companies like to hide such information in the date.

The Pixel 6, which will also be launched in a Pro version, will have a 6.4-inch/90Hz FHD + or 6.7-inch/120Hz QHD + display, and under the hood is a self-developed SoC called Tensor.