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The iOS 17.4 update has an interesting new feature

Just recently, Apple rolled out the iOS 17.4 beta to developers. The new update brings several significant app ecosystem changes to the European Union. However, it has several other modifications that have been dominant. Interestingly, the Apple Podcasts app now has a new transcript option. It is the same as the lyric feature available with Apple Music.

A transcript of the complete episode may be viewed by tapping the transcript icon on recent uploads in the Podcasts app. The text scrolls while the episode is playing, much like with Apple Music. Transcripts are quite accurate, despite the fact that they are automatically generated. The transcript is generated within a few seconds once the new podcast is played. Given this, users can quickly decide whether to listen to the podcast or not.

It is possible to search for a particular word or phrase and clicking on it will take you to that point in the episode. One thing to notice here is that, currently, the transcripts are not available on all podcasts. However, the company claims that transcripts for back catalog episodes will be added over time. Transcripts are accessible in English, French, German, and Spanish. Podcast hosts can provide their own transcripts in addition to the automatically generated version.

Currently, the iOS 17.4 update is available to developers. The update will be rolled out to the public in March. Details about these and other enhancements can be found in our iOS 17.4 beta 1 feature guide. Additional features include widespread updates throughout Europe and indications of new capabilities coming to the upgraded CarPlay experience.

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