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Pricerunner sues Google for 2.4 billion euros in Europe

The Swedish provider Pricerunner operates its own portals for conducting price comparisons in many countries. The company has since filed a lawsuit against Google because the search engine operator is accused of abusing its market power. pricerunner announced, that Google was being sued for damages totaling €2.1 billion after an EU court ruled last year that Google’s prominent placement of its own price comparison feature on the world’s most used search engine violated EU competition laws.

In November, the European Court of Justice upheld an earlier ruling that ordered Google to pay a record €2.42 billion in fines. The judges found it proven that Google wrongly favored its own price comparison and illegally placed it above third-party sites.

Huge damage in years

Pricerunner justifies his lawsuit by stating that Google has caused the company enormous damage over many years. At the same time, the lawsuit is intended to be used against Google on behalf of European consumers for allegedly harming them as a result of the US company’s antitrust violations. Google has practically taken a monopoly in Europe and still hasn’t taken a step to comply with the EU Commission’s guidelines. The company continues to abuse its dominant position in Europe.

The internet company directs traffic to its own services and not to the competition, which ultimately hurts customers. Google, for its part, had meanwhile again appealed the EU fine, claiming recently that there were some legal details about which the authorities were not clear with the specifications.

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