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Printer Improvements and Bug Fixes Comes With Windows 10 Update

Microsoft now offers Windows 10 users another optional update. The KB5014666 patch brings new features to printers and scanners and fixes the known issues associated with Wi-Fi hotspots and touchpads. In the official changelog, the Redmond-based company mainly focuses on three core topics of the new Windows 10 update.

In addition to bug fixes related to the Pashto language, the developers are focusing on issues with the “right-click zone” of various touchpads and the bug already fixed under Windows 11 when using the operating system’s Wi-Fi hotspot function. In the past, the latter ensured, among other things, that the host loses its connection to the internet as soon as another device connects to the hotspot.

Upgrade for network printers and scanners

In addition, Microsoft has provided Windows 10 with new functions for printers and scanners. The Internet Print Protocol (IPP), which has been supported for network printers since 2018, is being extended to USB printers. With a new interface (API), printer manufacturers will also be able to extend the “user experience” of their apps. Users can also print PIN protected via IPP and Universal Print, and the eSCL Mopria scanning protocol is now supported for suitably certified scanners.

The update is available to download for Windows 10 versions 21H2, 21H1, and 20H2 and must be activated manually through the Windows update settings. The OS builds are upgraded to Windows 10 19042.1806, 19043.1806, and 19044.1806. The KB5014666 update is considered a preview until the upcoming patch day on July 12 but is available in its final form. An installation therefore hardly entails any risks and cannot be compared with an insider preview. Further innovations and an overview of all bug fixes can be found in the Patch Notes.

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