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PS5 Sales Crossed 13.4 Million Sony Confirms

PS5 Console Design

The PS5 is one of the most important products of the Japanese electronics giant and plays an important role in the business figures. Also for the second quarter of the fiscal year, there was news about the PS5, more precisely Sony revealed how many devices it was able to sell last.

For many years, the PlayStation business has been perhaps Sony’s most important mainstay, and the consoles have repeatedly helped the company through difficult economic times. The PlayStation 5 also currently plays an important role, but these days you always have to add a but or work with the subjunctive. Because it is of course unclear how many consoles Sony would have sold if there actually were enough devices. Because of course Sony – like all other manufacturers – is still struggling with delivery problems and the chip crisis.

13.4 million PS5s in total

But of course, you also sell a lot of PlayStation 5 consoles like this. In the second quarter of Sony’s internal fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30th, the Japanese were able to sell 3.3 million devices (PDF). This means that the company has been able to sell a total of 13.4 million devices so far.

The PlayStation 4, which is still available, hardly plays a role anymore: According to Sony, around 200,000 units of the previous console for the PS5 were sold to men and women, a year ago it was 1.5 million. But of course, that was at a time when the PlayStation 5 was not yet released.

In the current annual report, Sony also revealed how many games they could sell: a total of 76.4 million PS5 and PS4 titles. A year ago there were more, namely 81.8 million. Financially it was nevertheless worthwhile for Sony or it was able to increase: Hardware sales in the quarter were 1.41 billion dollars, compared to 365 million dollars a year ago. Game software sales reached $3.02 billion for the second quarter of the fiscal year, compared to $2.91 billion for the same period last year.