PS5 Slim: Microsoft Believes Sony Will Launch Console This Year

According to court documents made public during the Activision Blizzard takeover dispute, Microsoft claims that Sony may release a slimmer and potentially smaller version of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) this year. However, it remains uncertain whether Microsoft has actual insider information about Sony’s product plans. The Verge, a US magazine, reported that Microsoft stated its assumption about Sony introducing a slim version of the PS5 during negotiations surrounding the Federal Trade Commission lawsuit.

The current PS5 lineup includes a Digital Edition priced at $399.99, and Microsoft’s argument suggests that they expect Sony to replace the larger Digital Edition with a slim variant at the same price point. The Digital Edition lacks an optical drive, while the Disc Edition has one permanently built-in. Currently, it is not possible to add a drive to the base version of the Sony console. Microsoft’s documents do not provide any source for their claims, leaving uncertainty about the basis of this information.

Additionally, Microsoft inaccurately asserts that Sony intends to release a handheld version of the PS5 priced under $300. However, Sony recently announced the launch of a handheld device meant to function as a streaming client for playing games on an existing PS5.

Rumors about a possible PS5 Slim have circulated for some time. Last year, it was speculated that Sony planned to introduce a modular slim version of the PS5 in September 2023, featuring a removable optical drive. This speculation suggests that Sony may streamline its console lineup to a single model with the new edition, allowing customers to purchase the optical drive as an optional accessory.

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