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QMobile Launches QLED Lights In Pakistan

QMobile is a Pakistani smartphone company and it usually launches reasonably priced phones for its customers.

Now the company has started advertising QLED lights. The face of QMobile brand, Fawad Khan was seen marketing QLED lights that were advertised as more reliable and durable. Furth more the claim by QMobile is that the QLED lights are of affordable prices and they do have a warranty of two years.

It seems that QMobile is ready to explore and experiment. In the competitive smartphone world, it is necessary to come up with new and innovative options for the users, to survive. So the company feels that it is the appropriate time to spread its operations.

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LED lights are an alternate option for other expensive and rare energy sources as these lights consume less energy.

Moreover, the news is that QMobile is also working to launch its very own LED TVs as well.

QMobile is the best option for people in Pakistan who want a phone with all the features but can never afford smartphones from brands such as Samsung or Apple. The strength of QMobile is its reasonable price. Now as the company is stepping into LED Lights and TVs industry, the bar would be raised.