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Quake II ray tracing demo will be available to play on 6th June

Quake II

Prior this year, a group inside NVIDIA took Quake II and ran it through its ray tracing framework to check whether the 1997 title could be gussied up. The subsequent tech demo appeared at GDC, got the greater part a million YouTube videos and all around hype. From June sixth, the organization will enable individuals to play a restricted rendition of the game — Quake II RTX — for free.

NVIDIA’s Jeff Fisher clarified that the organization’s Lightspeed Studios have included sensible lighting impacts for the classic shooter. The patched-up rendition gets time-of-day lighting, exact daylight, direct illumination and reflections on the water. As an outcome, the 22-year-old game has been given another lease of life to show the intensity of NVIDIA’s Turing architecture on more established titles.

Quake II RTX is a genuinely limited, three-level rendition of the title that you’ll have the option to catch from the NVIDIA site and Steam. If you have a Quake II license, you may most likely get the full game in this format.

In the meantime, NVIDIA has let slip that it will offer a Wolfenstein: Youngblood pack with ray tracing and adaptive shading. That will be accessible on May 28th, matched with the GeForce RT 2060, 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti, in spite of the fact that the organization hasn’t yet referenced the amount it’ll cost.

NVIDIA has affirmed that on the off chance that you effectively own Quake II, you’ll have the option to play the entire title in ray tracing mode. It’s $5 on Steam, on the off chance that you need to get readied.

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