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Quake is being ported to the Apple Watch

Gaming fans and other hardware inventors have had a very special discipline for several years, namely getting certain games to run on all possible or rather impossible hardware. Latest representative: Quake on an Apple Watch.

id software classics on your wrist

Doom on a printer display, Skyrim on just about anything imaginable. The shooter and the role-playing game are probably the most ported games in the history of video games, of course, enthusiasts take on this task as a hobby. Now there is another representative of this kind because the developer Tomas “MyOwnClone” Vymazal has managed to get the id Software classic Quake running on an Apple Watch (via TechCrunch).

Vymazal admits that he was able to use existing Mac or iOS ports. However, it was not that easy, because the programmer used tricks to able to use Apple Watch components such as the gyroscope and the Digital Crown for this purpose. It was also a challenge to be able to output the sound through the Apple Watch’s small speakers.

Playable? Rather not so good, but whatever

Of course, the whole thing isn’t very playable, for example, you can look up and down by turning the Digital Crown, which is quite a tedious process, as you can see in a video. But with projects like this, it’s not about actually being able to use the game in this way, but about the fact that it (kind of) works.

Anyone who wants to play with this port (in one way or another) can access the project via GitHub. However, you have to compile the code yourself and also provide the assets such as levels yourself, as these are not open-source.

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