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Rare iPhone 11 Pro Sells For Whopping $2700

iPhone 11 pro

Just like the rare coins that are minted a long time ago and are rarely available for collection. Misprints can add value as well to the latest items, this old rule also applies to high-tech. An iPhone 11 Pro has now changed hands for $ 2,700. A mistake in the imprint of the apple logo makes it an extremely rare collector’s item.

Small Rare iPhone 11 Pro Bug has a big markup

With a strict regime around its production, Apple ensures that only very rarely products with easily recognizable defects come onto the market – after all, the image of the group lives from the promise of the flawless high-end product. The good reputation of Apple quality assurance makes products with such defects, in turn, coveted collector’s items, as you hold a real rarity in your hands. As 9to5Mac reports, such a buggy iPhone has recently been sold again.

The internal archive provides information and images on rare Apple prototypes and devices at regular intervals. As the specialists now report on Twitter, an iPhone 11 Pro with a misprint on the back recently changed hands at a price of 2700 US dollars – a significant surcharge on the current price. But this shows the appreciation that some people have for rarity. The Internal Archives estimates that one in 100 million cases in which such misprints hit the market – “possibly less”.


The Survival

Production errors like these occur more often, but it is a real rarity that they make it to the gates of the factory, as these are usually destroyed immediately. As in this case, a complex entanglement of circumstances can cause several quality assurance stations to fail.

There was a very similar case around Apple in 2015. At that time, the company had sent a customer an iPad Pro with a gold Touch ID and grey back – a unique colour combination that was never officially offered in this way.