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Razer Brings the New Opus X Wireless Headphone Just for $99.99

Razer now brings you the new Razer Opus X wireless headphone only for $99.99.

Razer Opus X

Razer introduced the new Opus X wireless headphones. These headphones will feature active noise-cancellation and comes just for $99.99, $100 less than the previous Razer Opus.

The new Razer Opus X will also feature large 40mm drivers in a circumaural design with large ear pads. With these headphones, you get active noise-cancellation that uses microphones outside the headphones to detect and cancel out noise. These headphones also have Quick Attention Mode, which lets outside sound in through the speakers.

This pair of headphones comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connection. According to a source, these headphones have a latency of 60ms when using Gaming Mode.

Compared to the more expensive Opus, the Opus X makes a few concessions to reach the lower price. The features this pair of headphones does bring include THX branding, audio input with a slightly lower battery capacity compared to its predecessor.

The Razer Opus X comes in three colors; Green, Quartz (pink), and Mercury (white), and this headphone could be bought through the company’s official website.