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Realme GT Neo5 will be accompanied by a 240W fast charger

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Realme is all set to introduce new products in 2023. Expectedly, the new smartphone Realme GT Neo5 will arrive soon. Alongside this smartphone, the company is going to introduce a new charging solution as well. It is anticipated that the company will introduce a new 240W fast charging solution. On January 5, the charging tech will be publicized. Just before that i.e., today some images of the upcoming tech have surfaced online. These images show some interesting details about the upcoming tech.

According to these images, the device holds a model number VCKCJACH. Additionally, the adapter is branded as SuperVOOC. It features 20V power at a 12A current. Generally, the branding SuperVOOC is associated with Oppo. However, the brand has split the research and development with Realme. So, we will see a similar adapter implemented by Realme as well. As of now, it is uncertain whether the company will carry a similar name for the brand or rename the product.

Besides this information, certain sources claim that the company will also introduce a less efficient model for GT Neo5. Apparently, this model will display 150W charging. Interestingly, the latest smartphone by the company will display two distinct battery cells. Each battery cell will be accompanied by its unique charge pump. Thus, permitting safe and more distribution of power. The adapter will provide 20V/12A power. This power by adapter will be utilized to equalize the operation of 10V/24A as soon as it reaches the smartphone.

Back in February 2022, a demonstration of this tech was presented at MWC Barcelona. On coming Thursday, we will witness the actual product.

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