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Top 10 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Fail

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important factor in these days that you can’t neglect in any way. Comprehending the influence of social media, more brands are launching social media marketing campaigns to generate more revenue. It’s not wrong to say that most of the social media marketing campaigns fail due to inappropriate marketing strategy. Understanding the need of time is the most crucial part of a successful marketing campaign as Google keeps changing its algorithms while the new updates have considered the significance of social media platforms as well. Here we will bring into the limelight some common reasons for your social media marketing failures.

1. Ambiguous Goals

Ambiguous goals and unclear strategy are the basic reasons for social media marketing efforts failure. You should have a clear idea about the purpose of your goals, i.e. either you want to increase the traffic on your website or your aim is to collect the reviews of your products. Unfortunately, people start a campaign with unclear goals and get disappointed when fail to achieve the set targets.

2. Choosing the Wrong Channel

The selection of right channel also determines the success rate as the audience of Twitter and Facebook has some obvious differences. On twitter, people expect more professionalism from you while facebook gives you a liberty to use informal methods as well. In other words, you should know about your audience and try to find out their interests in order to get genuine traffic.

Social Media Marketing
3. Unrealistic Goals

Setting clear goals gives you a clear track to follow. Despite the fact that social media has millions of users, it’s not a magic wand that gives you instant and splendid outcomes with a little effort. Everything takes time and you should be patient and continue your efforts without getting frustrated. Long term marketing strategy is suggested by the experts as it expands the time, provides flexibility, attracts customers, and generates revenues.

4. Your Content Sucks

A boring and uninteresting content always fails to grab the attention of a reader. Catchy titles, appealing images, and informative short videos leave a great impact on the reader and successfully take a few seconds of the reader. Using keywords in the content and avoiding beating about the bush are some important factors to add value in the content and optimizing for the search engine.

5. Inappropriate Post Timings & Frequency


The frequency and timing of the posts impact on the social media marketing. Too many posts frustrate the readers while fewer posts with a considerable delay cause to distract your audience. The research conducted by Buffer blogs concluded that the frequency and timing of posts vary from channel to channel.
Twitter: 5 posts per day
Facebook : 10 posts per week
LinkedIn: 1 time per day
Google+: 2 times per day

6. Lack of Interest

Lack of interest means insufficient efforts which result in disappointing outcomes. Hire a professional if you aren’t interested in the social media marketing campaign. Lack of interest and scattered thoughts always make a boring post no matter how much the topic is interesting and has potential of drawing traffic.

7. Absence of Cross Promotion

Jena Coray states that the presence of cross promotion doubles the impact of marketing. Don’t ignore factors like the print advertisement, blogging, electronic media, and other marketing collateral. Almost every WordPress blog provides different plug-ins for sharing the blogs on social media. If you are confused in selecting the best theme for blogs then read this article.
Best WordPress Themes for Blogging

8. Low Confidence of Marketing Team

Confidence is the key to the marketing. Wear White Hat mentions that whether you’re physically present on a platform and presenting your product or working behind the desktop, your confidence level determines your success level. Lack of confidence in the marketing team is fatal for the brand. Motivate them and boost their morale level if the team has fear of marketing the brand. Encourage them and ask them to take the brand as a challenge and do utmost efforts to get the expected goals.


9. Neglecting Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engine

Ignoring the social media profiles and leaving them unoptimized is a serious mistake made by many social media marketers. Kissmetrics confirms that social media profiles impacts on the search engine ranking and one should add genuine, unplagiarized, and SEO optimized content in the profile, So, the visitor immediately get the other social media profiles of the company as soon as he enters the name of the company in the search bar. The image is the exact depiction of my words.

Social media marketing

10. Too Much Dependence on Social Links

It’s a misconception that social links work wonder and many people completely rely on them which is really a big mistake as the case is different for every brand. The marketing consultant Brian Honigman terms the content, a success ensuring factor in marketing and suggests the marketers to pay much heed towards the usage of relevant keywords.

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