Reddit might prohibit AI businesses from using the site to gather data


According to some recent pieces of information, Reddit might block data access to AI startups. Reportedly, the company doesn’t want the third-party apps to train their machine-learning models without approval. Usually, AI startups depend on web content for chatbot training. Without spending any money, the chatbots get trained to generate exclusive content.

According to The Washington Post report, around 535 news organizations are against this. They want the AI business to pay for the content that was used for training the AI models. As a result, companies like Reddit and others have decided to block these startups from scraping data from web content.

Can Reddit afford to ditch Google and Bing crawlers from scraping data?

Well, this decision might impact Google and Bing crawlers since Reddit’s content won’t appear in search results on Google and Bing. According to the report, if the company fails to strike a deal with AI startups, it might scrap Google and Bing’s search crawlers.

In addition to this, the report claims that the company wants users to log into its website to access content and ditch Google accounts. The platform later refuted that claim, though. It appears that the sole issue at odds with Google is search crawlers. The Post was informed by an unnamed source that “Reddit can survive without search.”

All such information points out that the company is putting in all its efforts to block Google search crawlers in case it fails to push Google to pay for the content. Tim Rathschmidt, Reddit’s spokesperson, stated that there is nothing to share about crawlers yet.

On the other hand, news organizations are very concerned about using their content for free for the purpose of training AI models. In the past, news organizations protested against Google and Meta. They demanded a share. In response, the tech giants pressured them by saying that the news content would be blocked in certain markets, like Canada. While these organizations still have some hope of receiving compensation, California’s AB 886 bill might reward California News with some compensation.

Elon Musk, the owner of X (Twitter), has previously attacked AI companies for data scraping. Later, in order to stop data scraping, he put in place a reading restriction and charged developers a fee to access the platform’s API.

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