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Redmi K40 gaming version is coming on April 27th

Redmi is all geared up to introduce the new Redmi K40 gaming version on April 27th. This device comes with MediaTek Dimensity 1200, an independent gaming antenna set, and a new set of dedicated WiFi antennas for gaming.

Redmi-k40-gaming version

We all have been hearing news about the upcoming gaming version of Redmi K40. This Redmi K40 gaming enhanced version is reportedly said to come with MediaTek’s strongest flagship processor-Dimensity 1200, the industry’s highest clocked 3.0GHz A78 super-large core, an independent gaming antenna set, and a new set of dedicated WiFi antennas for gaming.

The design of this new Redmi gaming phone will ensure stability during gaming. Then this device has a mobile network antenna, two conventional WiFi antennas, and a navigation antenna – in total, there would be 12 antennas onboard.

The device is superbly designed; the conventional vertical antennas remain on both sides, whereas the mobile network and WiFi antennas go on the lower part of the device. It ensures no interference with the phone’s horizontal and vertical grips, and there is stable reception and high signal transmission.

We have also learned that this Redmi K40 gaming phone is having dual upper and lower stereo speakers. It also features an X-axis linear motor. The SIM card slot goes at the bottom of the phone. And there is no 3.5mm headphone port.

A bit about the display. This phone will come with an AMOLED flexible straight screen with a 120Hz refresh and a three-finger touch sampling rate of 480Hz. Moreover, there are two pop-up shoulder buttons optimized for gaming control. The device also supports the 90fps high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings.”

It is further informed that the flexible screen comes with the COP packaging method to achieve an ultra-narrow bezel. It is only 1.8mm wide on the left, right, and topsides. However, the chin is about 2.7mm.

This gaming variant of Redmi K40 will be officially introduced online at 19:30 on April 27.