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Redmi Note 8 Survived The 8th Floor High Fall

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi and Redmi haven’t had a great time recently, due to Redmi Note 9S assembly quality issues causing debris and dust to accumulate under the rear camera protective glass. 

In the last hour, a curious story has emerged which instead confirms the good build quality of its devices.

From China the news of a Redmi Note 8 that fell from the eighth floor of a building and “survived” was bounced: the images in fact show Redmi Note 8 damaged but still fully functional after the fall, which, moreover, ended up in a puddle of water. 

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The story attracted the attention of Lei Jun – Xiaomi CEO – who re-shared the post on Weibo to praise the build quality of Redmi Note 8. Obviously, the story should not be taken too seriously, in similar situations the survival of the smartphone is purely entrusted to chance. Regardless of the device, you can suffer enormous damage from a negligible fall and come out almost unscathed from a fall from the eighth floor.

via Gizchina