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Register Imported Mobile Phones Till March 28th

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The government of Pakistan has extended the registration date for imported mobile phones. The deadline has been extended by 2 months. Now the last date to get your imported mobile phones registered is 28th March, 2019.

Back in October, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that all phones with the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number not registered till October 20th will be blocked. Then the deadline was extended till 31st December and further extended till 15th January. Now yet again the deadline has been extended till 28th March.

The government has allowed the users to register the non-duty paid, unregistered mobile phones but they will have to pay a fine which will equal to 10pc of custom duty.

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The present government has also restricted the number of mobile phones allowed to be imported.

A new system of registration for imported mobile phones at airports to facilitate the homecoming passengers has been installed. So the passengers will not have to stand in queue for this. The Pakistanis living abroad can also file their taxes on mobile phones online.

The government will use the unique code, IMEI number to recognized a valid phone on the network. If the IMEI number of your phone is blocked by PTA, you will not be able to use the network in Pakistan.

You can dial *#06# to find your IMEI number, then text it to 8484 to find out whether its registered or not.